Episode 37

Published on:

25th Oct 2021

Move, Evolve, Play - with Movement Adventurer Rafe Kelly

In this episode I speak to Movement Adventurer Rafe Kelly.

Rafe’s background includes gymnastics, martial arts, mindfulness training, and more along with years of research into the scientific and evolutionary perspectives of how humans move. As an explorer and seeker, he has spent decades on his deep-seeded search for better paths toward well-being. He landed on, among other things, parkour and nature as powerful tools to get there.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Human movement from an evolutionary perspective
  • Ecological dynamics and aliveness in movement training
  • Understanding motivation and fundamental why's of practice

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The Art of Self-Reliance is forging your own path, on your own terms. But the path is a difficult one - made easier by exploring how others have succeeded in directing their own lives. With their help and inspiration, your path to self-reliance can become a reality.
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