Episode 33

Published on:

30th Jun 2021

Thinking Straight - With Neuroscientist, Lynda Shaw

In this episode I speak to neuroscientist Lynda Shaw

 Lynda is an international professional speaker and her expertise and energy led to receiving the esteemed Professional Speaking Award of Excellence in 2017; the highest accolade for UK professional speakers as chosen by their peers. Lynda has presented TEDx talks, written multiple articles for Forbes and appeared on several podcasts, radio and even TV. She is the author of ‘Your Brain is Boss’ providing business leaders with insights into how to develop influence, creativity and work satisfaction. Lynda has also published a children’s book called ‘Beat the Bullies: Use Your Brain, to help explain the difficult emotional issues being faced by so many of today’s youngsters.

In this Episode we Discuss:

  • How the brain changes behavior and behavior changes the brain
  • How we replace habits that no longer serve us
  • How to put the brain in the most efficient and effective state

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